Welcome to my blog <3

About KieraKiera

Hello World!! My name is KieraKiera. 

This Blog is mainly about my experiences and my likes. Mostly the videos that I have posted are ones that  I had made for a class project. Some are just of things that interested me so I decided to share with everyone else.

Something about me:

My major is communications.  I LOVE MUSIC & SMALLVILLE!!…lmaooo

I hope that you enjoy my blog —- Feel free to subscribe! 🙂 



Comments on: "About KieraKiera" (4)

  1. Jeetendra Tiwary said:

    Hey kiera, good stuff….like the way you have executed the film…since its a more info based …so perfect treatment…some points i felt the cuts & dissolve wasnt smooth…but over all its a brilliant effort…nice sound track too…its gives you a real positive feel while you listening the informations…..so good & great effort…proud of you..:-) way to go..cheers.

  2. jesus said:

    q tegustan los hombres casados jajajaja loser t conformas con sobras

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