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Life Choices – Consequences

Everyone should have the opportunity to be forgiven and given a chance to prove themselves … but that personĀ  also has to understand that if they are not forgiven.. it is nobodies fault but their own… I am content with the fact that if things don’t work out the way that I want them to…it was a direct result of my own choices and actions… I will learn better next time… and hopefully I will also be given another chance to show that I have learned from my mistakes…. but if not… I am Okay with that… people ask me why things dont get to me like they should… Ive become numb to rejection and hurt because i know things that i’ve done in my past.. and I know that these are the results… Let the consequences fall where they may… karma will always come back around.. It may not be right away.. It might be years later… but when she does come… I’m ready for her….


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